Building & Real Estate

SCANEX monitoring system allows for a one-step ultra-detailed survey of real estate facilities under construction as well as those already functioning, and for the regular or periodic monitoring of construction operations, housing and communal services.

The satellite imagery is used at all stages of the construction and implementation of spatial planning documents:

Through the use of SCANEX technology the customer can use a dynamic set of initial data on real property, providing a potentially new source of information.
New technologies enhance the quality of construction design documents and increase the requirements for the development of technical specifications in the implementation of the project, as well as helping to accelerate the harmonisation of the design documents by manipulating relevant data.

In addition, this increases the importance of the use of satellite imagery for the strategic monitoring of the investment objects. In this respect, the available technologies are used for monitoring the implementation of the project throughout the construction and allow for the identification of deviations from the design documentation.

In addition to this, SCANEX proposes to use the satellite imagery technologies for housing and communal services to monitor heat losses in urban areas as well as the implementation of improvements.