06 October 2021
Radar Interferometry Facilitates Obtaining Data on Earth Motion
According to media reports, in the Lazarevsky district in Sochi heavy rainfall has provoked the movement of the soil causing the displacement of 20 residential buildings (8 of them were occupied) and road destruction. Gas pipeline and power electric line support systems have bent, gas and electricity supply in the cottage village has been turned off. There are no fatalities or injuries, residents have been evacuated.
01 October 2021
Geoatel’ye Laboratory Is in The Comprehensive School Equipment — 2021-2024 List
The results of the contest for the best Russian education equipment for teaching and the implementation of educational programs in primary and secondary schools were published. It was organized by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and the Arts Marketing Association with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the National Union for Education Equipment and Teaching Aids suppliers and Gazprombank.
22 September 2021
SCANEX Group Develops Ground-Based Infrastructure For The Space-π Project
SCANEX Group supported by the Innovation Assistance Foundation has started manufacturing ground-based stations for receiving data from low-orbit satellites in 8 and 10.5 GHz frequency bands. Stations will be operated within the Space-π project allowing pupils to participate in development of ultra-small ERS satellites.
10 September 2021
SCANEX Group Is at The Top of The All-Russian Business Rating
SCANEX Group is at the TOP of the best enterprises in Russia and is nominated for the "INDUSTRY LEADER 2021"® title in “the field of hydrometeorology and related industries, environment monitoring", according to the Russian classification of types of economic activity, the number of the industry is 71.12.5.
01 September 2021
SCANEX Presents FIRE SCAN — Online Fire Detection System
FIRE SCAN is a reliable hardware and software system for online detection of fires in forests and agricultural lands. It includes a complete set of products and services allowing user to promptly detect fires, assess their extent and done damage, as well as address numerous other tasks.
30 August 2021
SCANEX Group Became a Resident of The Innovation Science and Technology Center of Moscow State University "Vorobyovy Gory" (ISTC MSU "Vorobyovy Gory")
Victor Sadovnichiy, CEO of the MSU Endowment Fund, Anastasia Bibaeva, SCANEX Group CEO, and Viktor Vaypan, ISTC MSU CEO, signed an investment agreement of intent. According to the agreement, SCANEX Group will be implementing several R&D projects over the coming years within the ISTC MSU "Vorobyovy Gory".
30 August 2021
As many as 460 radar images featured petroleum seeps in the Kerch Strait and pre-strait area over the 2017-2021 period
With growing economic activity in the Kerch Strait, significant hydraulic engineering changes took place, to be more precise, the Crimean bridge as well as the berthing facility of the Taman port were built and put into operation. Not to forget increasing intensity of shipping traffic, new inshore moorings in the Black Sea, transshipment of hazardous dry and liquid cargo through the Strait. It has significantly affected the hydrological and hydrobiological state of the Strait, as well as the aquatic ecosystem. As noted repeatedly, constant monitoring of the strait is essential.