ROSCOSMOS and SCANEX Have Made an Agreement on Distribution of “Resurs-P” and “Kanopus-V” Data

20 December 2016

ROSCOSMOS Russian State Corporation for Space Activities and SCANEX Group have made a license agreement on distribution of data from «Resurs-P» and «Kanopus-V» satellites.

This distribution agreement is intended to supply imagery received by the Russian ERS constellation both to the Russian and oversea markets. Russia’s satellite operator is Research Center for Earth Operative Monitoring (a branch of «Russian Space Systems» company), which receives imagery and performs initial processing. Our users will have access to real-time as well as historical data.

The above agreement is an important step to commercialize ROSCOSMOS space activities. Mikhail Khailov, ROSCOSMOS deputy CEO, stated that in his presentation at «Earth from Space» Conference:

«In addition to enforcement of the Government’s space policy and supply of ERS data to state-owned institutions, we aim to commercialize the whole range of the space-related operations. We realize that the state investment in the space sector should generate not just indirect income from federal activities, but also revenues from selling data in the commercial market».

«The agreement on distribution of data from Russian satellites primarily gives broader opportunities: users may select the best option out of many alternatives, — indicated Valeriy Barinberg, CEO of SCANEX Group. — I hope that our cooperation with ROSCOSMOS Corporation will not be limited to imagery supply. Our clients owning UniScan™ receiving stations would be interested to obtain data directly from a Russian ERS system. UniScan™ stations are universal, while SCANEX Group has relevant experience to adjust them to Russian satellites. This may help us to directly supply data to customers’ receiving facilities at the earliest possible time».

«Resurs-P» satellites were put into orbit in 2013, 2014 and 2016. The data received by «Resurs-P» system may be applicable in environmental and geological exploration, ice condition assessment, emergency monitoring, engineering surveys and many other activities. The satellites’ key technical features are high spatial resolution (over 1 meter per pixel) and the option of hyperspectral imaging.

"Ресурс-П"  Пример снимка со спутника "Ресурс-П"

«Kanopus-V» satellite was launched in 2012. It is mainly applied for the following purposes: mapping, detecting forest fires and major emissions of contaminants, registration of anomalies to research earthquake forecasting as well as agricultural, waterways, shore and land use monitoring etc.

"Канопус-В"  Пример снимка со спутника "Канопус-В"

Currently SCANEX offers to its users optical, radar and meteorological data from 40 Russian and overseas satellites.

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