Plenary session of the conference "Earth from Space 2016" - the search for answers to the most actual issues of the industry

17 August 2016
Earth from Space-2016

The VIIth «Earth from Space» International Conference will be opened by a plenary session, in the framework of which representatives of national space agencies, leading global satellite imagery operators, state agencies, integrators and users of geospatial data will discuss global trends in Earth satellite date application.

The plenary session programme will consist of four theme blocks — each will become a discussion platform to address the topical issues of the industry.

New space: opportunity or provocation?

The discussions about wide application of ultra-high resolution satellite imagery in the interest of civil sector are still ongoing, while the industry has made the next step forward -representatives of professional society and general public are excited by commercialisation of lower orbit and launches of numerous micro-satellites of various purposes.

The plenary session will address the perspectives of satellite imagery and of the industry in general. Will it be transformed by micro-satellites launches? How the future of the industry is seen by leading global operators — pioneers in manufacturing and launch of micro-satellites, and those who apply the data of remote sensing of the Earth in practice? Who shapes the future of the industry — manufacturers or end-users?

«Remote» economy

Providers of satellite imagery have an urgent need to understand the requirements of business: which result is expected by a client, are the operators able to meet the demand, which opportunities can the satellite imagery offer to the changing market?

At the same time the economy of the industry is affected by competing approaches to its development: state, state-private and commercial one. Will the emerge of numerous new market players boost the industry or lead it to stagnation? How will the industry overcome the crisis and will it help the industry to make a new step?

Geoinformation strategy for business and the state

Geoinformatics, the area of primary application of remote sensing and related products and services, is experiencing an increasing pressure due to large variety and volumes of raw data. While analytics are trying to predict the future of the industry, the scale of practical application of geospatial data is growing steadily.

Due to rapid development of unmanned methods of remote sensing, cloud data processing and other prospective trends of the industry, end-users of geospatial data need to decide on the direction of future development. Integration of geo-informatics technologies into business-processes forces the business leaders to develop and implement corporate strategies which take into account opportunities to apply remote monitoring.

How should the business and the government develop their IT policies under such circumstances and is there a synergy in their approaches or are they fundamentally different? How to approach the development of corporate geoinformatics system, which level of investment is required and will it pay back?

Geomarketing, Big Data and social networks

Global operators are trying to develop and scale up the best practices. The positive side of such approach is automation of processing and extraction of useful information and development of global products. The negative side is that specifics, including regional ones, are not taken into consideration. Network and crowd-sourcing could become alternative approaches when exchange of ideas and variations of information and technology chains is followed up by regional and industrial adaptation of satellite imaging results application. Big Data or crowd-sourcing? How these approaches affect day-to-day life and the global processes?

The Conference organized by SCANEX Group and supported by ROSCOSMOS State Corporation for Space Activities.

You are welcome to participate in the Conference as attendees or presenters!

Conference dates: December 1–2, 2016
Venue: Russia, Moscow, Marriott Grand Hotel, Tverskaya Street, 26/1

For all inquiries, please contact: conference@scanex.ru; +7 (495)739-73-85

Conference web-site: www.conference2016.scanex.ru

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