«Earth from Space-2016»: Smart Farming

19 September 2016
Earth from Space-2016

The Smart Farming Section of the VIIth «Earth from Space» International Conference will focus on cutting-edge developments at the junction of satellite-based technologies and IT offering efficient solutions to meet the challenges of agribusiness.

Modern agriculture goes hand in hand with IT - the introduction of GIS enhances the efficiency of agriculture and related sectors. Satellite-based monitoring is a helpful tool to assess crop condition, track results of technical and reclamation work, reduce production costs and improve crop yields. The Government applies the data received from different airborne vehicles to carry out an inventory of lands, assess damage from natural disasters, control breaches of land legislation and detect constraints to farming.

Financial sector representatives apply remote monitoring data to optimize the system of loans and subsidy assistance to farming. Agriculture insurers define insurance prospects, potential risks and assess insurance events. Key representatives of these areas and leading GIS companies participating in the Section will discuss their experience and highlight the prospects of satellite-based solutions for agriculture.

Global satellite imagery operators will brief the audience on the potential of very high frequency monitoring in agriculture and new satellite constellations that can track crops daily. The Section will also review new opportunities of remote sensing via UAVs equipped with hyperspectral imaging systems.

Representatives of IT developers specializing in agriservices will introduce new products and describe promising areas of their application. They will focus on developments related to the principles of precision farming.

Leading experts in agriculture and research center specialists will share the results of their studies dedicated to remote analysis of vegetation and improvement planning.

Representatives of insurance companies will discuss the specifics of satellite imagery and IT solutions in crop planting insurance and their experience with different types of data and software products.

Oversea partners of SCANEX company will also participate in Smart Farming Section. They will share results of long-term researches, successful application of remote sensing technologies in agriculture and principles of developing their commercial products.

The VIIth «Earth from Space» Conference will take place on December 1-2, 2016 in Moscow in Marriott Grand Hotel. The forum is organized by SCANEX Group and supported by «ROSCOSMOS» State Corporation for Space Activities.

For all inquiries, please contact: conference@scanex.ru; +7 (495)739-73-85

Conference web-site: www.conference.scanex.ru

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