“Earth from Space – 2016”: All About GIS Technologies Changing the World

12 December 2016
Earth from Space-2016

The VIIth «Earth from Space» international conference took place on December 1–2 in Moscow.

The 7th conference brought together 300 representatives of 120 companies, state authorities, NCOs and research centers from Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Katar, Spain, Canada, France, the USA, China and South Korea. Over two days, participants discussed the most topical GIS trends and application of geospatial data in different areas — agriculture, insurance, exploration and mining activities, navigation, marketing and many other. In total, over 100 presentations were delivered at the Conference. Besides, the business agenda included an exhibition, round-table discussions, business talks and the meeting of «UNIGEO» consortium.

Maher Khoury, DigitalGlobe  Участники конференции "Земля из космоса-2016"  Выставка

Specialized Conference tracks were set by the Plenary Session, which defined each day’s agenda. Day 1 participants focused on the opportunities offered to the market by leading global satellite imagery operators. They discussed enhanced quality and global coverage of satellite imagery, the current market transformation (transition from «raw» data to business ready services), geospatial analysis, its automated functions and ERS development prospects.

Николай Севастьянов, "Газпром космические системы"  Андрей Стрелков, "Яндекс"  David Belton, MDA  Юрий Воловик, Национальный союз агростраховщиков

The speakers of Day 2 Plenary Session addressed the need to create a GIS strategy for business and the Government and covered various issues related to growing volumes of geospatial data and delivering them to final users. They identified the system, which would lay the foundation of the Government’s GIS strategy. Also the participants discussed personnel training in this area and innovative approaches to education, regulatory improvements in satellite data handling and the role of geospatial data in managerial decision-making and creating digital economy.

Андрей Кудинов, НЦУКС МЧС  Искандер Бариев, Университет "Иннополис"  Владимир Гершензон, "СКАНЭКС"  Денис Уколов, OpenWeatherMap

Specialized sections were a natural extension of the plenary sessions. For instance, participants of «Smart Farming» Section discussed satellite imagery as a tool to assess land and crop condition, the role of GIS in modern agricultural enterprises, business ready GIS services and application of data from UAVs.

«Geoanalytics — recipe for success» Section gave the floor to representatives of Yandex, X5 Retail Group, HERE Maps, «Gazprom Neft», SmartLoc, Rilos and some other companies. They discussed geomarketing, geospatial surveying and data required for retail and forecasts.

«Tracking Events 24/7» Section focused on applying satellite data in maritime exploration and ensuring environmental safety during drilling operations. Also it covered the role of ERS in maritime navigation, detection of oil slicks and natural oil showing and emergency forecasting and response.

«Environmental monitoring: Potential of Territories in Figures» Section discussed the application of satellite imagery in forest management. The representatives of Forest Science Institute under Russian Academy of Sciences, the Federal Forest Agency («Roslesinforg») and «Geonavigator» company shared their experience and achievements in this area. Besides, the section covered Earth displacement monitoring for the needs of mining, construction and exploration companies.

«Technologies: image acquisition, processing and delivery» Section proved very eventful. The participants discussed imagery processing software tools and automated functions, modern land-based infrastructure supporting satellite missions and real-time video monitoring via UAVs.

«Expert Systems as a Key to Regional Management» Section covered the practical application of comprehensive GIS systems in state and municipal management and state monitoring of lands executed by the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadaster and Cartography («Rosreyestr»). Also it reviewed creation of the National Arctic Atlas and the role of ERS and GIS technologies in expert services.

«Education» Section represented by higher, secondary and further education experts discussed the issues of Geoinformatics and its influence on human thinking, school-based projects and «Quantoria». The students of the Secondary School under Lomonosov Moscow State University introduced several GIS projects on emergency forecasting and response via satellite data developed in «Sirius» summer educational center (Sochi). The participants of an open «UNIGEO» meeting discussed topical issues of applying ERS in education and science and the role of Geoinformatics in upgrading educational standards.

Иван Бортник  Участники летней проектной смены образовательного центра «Сириус»

«Ecology of Nature Powers and Parts of the World» Section brought together representatives of Russia’s leading research institutions, including the Russian Academy of Sciences centres. They discussed significance and possible application of modern ERS methods in environmental studies as well as approaches to integration of heterogeneous ERS data on rare species and their habitats. The Section comprised brief dynamic presentations and follow-up discussions, which helped its participants to cover a wide range of important applied solutions.


In 2016 the Conference was supported by the following entities: «ROSCOSMOS» State Corporation for Space Activities, Airbus Defence&Space, Digital GlobeEsri CIS, Kazakhstan Garish SapariUrtheCast, MDA and «Sovzond» companies. The forum events were covered by over 30 media.

«SCANEX» Group would like to cordially thank all Conference speakers, participants and partners.

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